Robert Broome


Robert founded Ninlil Project in reaction to the abhorrent human rights abuses prevalent in human trafficking. He feels that through the direct provision of service, public awareness and heightened international pressure can this problem be solved. And he does believe it can be solved.

Jasney Cogua-Lopez, PhD

Research Coordinator

Jasney has had a long term interest in the causes and effects of migration, both licit and illicit. Her research includes the role of agency in international courtships as well as the role of International Marriage Brokers. She is currently a Visiting Professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Lauren Urbanski

Factotum, Research Assistant

Lauren recently graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a degree in Anthropology and Religious Studies. She feels that objective, dispassionate research can coexist with passionate, grassroots activism.

Doug Roth

Media Production Coordinator

Doug has written, directed and produced videos on urban sprawl and biodiversity. He feels that casting a bright spotlight on human trafficking is the first step in its eradication.

Laura Blomquist, MA

Board Member, Research Assistant

Laura is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies where she received her Master’s degree in International Relations and Economics, concentrating in International Law. Her academic research includes an investigation of trafficking in persons in India. She has worked for the U.S. Department of State at the U.S. Embassy in Rome and in UN Political Affairs. Laura brings a great balance of academic rigor and on-the-ground project management to the table.