Corporación Espacios de Mujer

I met with Betty Pedrazo and her staff at Corporación Espacios de Mujer in Medellin, Colombia. We spent part of the day discussing our respective organizations.  Espacios works with prostitutes on rights education, empowerment and employment alternatives. I had previously spoken about the possibility of our partnering on the production of a public service type video. It was good to hear that they had experience with women reaching a “decision point,” a crossroads at which they have a choice to enter or not enter into prostitution, since that was one of the concepts we were planning on highlighting in the videos. At the end of our time together, they agreed to work with us! They offered to identify women interested in giving testimonials as to their experience and their help will be invaluable in securing actors, locations, etc. They are tied up for several months, but this will give us time to draft the scripts, gather equipment, etc.

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