Second Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking

I attended this conference, which was sponsored by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and took place September 30th -- October 2nd. It was remarkable to see such a diverse group of people (from NGOs, the government, academia, etc.) put their collective energies together to address this crime. Below are...

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Due to the prolonged conflict between the government and insurgents and to the longstanding battle with narcotraffickers, Colombia has the second largest population of internally displaced people in the world, second only to Sudan. This turmoil creates the perfect environment for traffickers: people are removed from the support of their community, their economic opportunities are limited and law enforcement and military organizations are challenged by the multiplicity of problems in the region. This leaves women and...

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New Task Force Aims to Fight Human Trafficking in Texas

This article describes the formation in April of a task force in Texas, but also mentions an important dynamic of those that are held: Many times, these people are honorably attempting to pay off a...    Continue


Seventy-five people detained in suspected trafficking ring in Spain

This video describes the detention of 75 people in a suspected sex trafficking ring and mentions the fact that the suspects were also involved in the falsification of documents, demonstrating the connection between trafficking and...    Continue


Twenty-eight Women Rescued

This article describes the rescue earlier this year in Mexico City of twenty-eight women being exploited for prostitution. It describe the daily "quotas" the women were required to make and the consequences for not making...    Continue